Let's practise mindfulness together:

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme - MBSR Programme

The MBSR program was created in the 70’s by a professor of medicine, a psychiatrist Jon Kabat Zinn.

It is an eight-week immersion in mindfulness, which will allow you to build a habit of regular meditation and to develop this skill in a safe environment with a support of a teacher and a group.
 It’s a training of your mind in dealing with recurring stress, overload of thoughts, chronic fatigue, states of anxiety or lack of concentration.

During the Program, you will build a habit of regular meditation practice and discover what a more mindful and present life is. All this with the continuous support of a trainer and the group.

Mindfulness for Business

The best-performing companies in the world, such as Google, Apple, Nike, McKinsey & Co or Yahoo invest in mindfulness. Why? Because the foundation of every organization are people who know how to use their potential. Mindfulness is a state of mind in which concentration and creativity lead the way, and employees’ motivation starts to thrive making your company a better workplace.

Take care of your workers and your company – check out the offer of our workshops and regular sessions for professionals.

Individual Sessions

If you are a person who doesn’t like to work in a group yet you want to practice meditation with a trainer, sign up for individual sessions.

During our 1-to-1 meetings we will adjust the mindfulness training to your needs and to your own rhythm.

You can also book an individual MBSR Programme !

Mindfulness Retreats

A mindfulness retreat  not only is a time of deeper meditation practice but also a time of detaching from day to day routine.  During this time you can get in touch with that silent inner voice of yours which is choked up by the stimuli and triggers of everyday life. It’s an opportunity to rest and to look at yourself and your life from a different angle.

I have been organising retreats since 2020. We always stay at spots located close to nature, with delicious local food and space where everyone feels safe and comfortable.

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