I want to show you how to slow down and listen to your heart’s desires ….so that life doesn’t pass you by

Maria Opidowicz

A certified mindfulness trainer and a meditation teacher

I teach how not to miss out on your life due to everyday rush and stress.

I love helping others in discovering their inner power and their truth. The truth that creates authentic life and leads to decisions which you take to  be loyal to yourself rather than meet the expectations of others.

I work with everyone who feels that the remote control of their own life is not in their hands any more and they want to get it back. I show how to regain that power through training your own mind in concentration as what you focus on is what you have more of.

I want to show you, how much meditation, this simple practice,  can change your life – you will feel more inner peace and you’ll build distance towards everyday challenges, at the same time you will start to live more fully and passionately.

I have been meditating for 13 years and 5 years ago I got certified as a mindfulness trainer and a meditation teacher at Mindful Academy in Solterreno, Spain. My teacher training course was 200hrs and has got accreditation from Yoga Alliance Professionals in the UK.

In 2019 I set up MindHarmony.

I run mindfulness programmes, one to one sessions, mindfulness retreats and mindfulness workshops for companies.

I have worked with Cisco, Cognizant, Westinghouse and for 5 years I have been running regular mindfulness sessions and workshops for TVN – one of the most prominet broadcasting TV station in Poland.

I also have a Master Degree in English studies. Before I moved to Sweden in 2021, where my partner is from, for 9 years  I taught English at Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland and beforehand at language schools in Spain and the UK.

Now I am mostly focused on providing mindfulness trainings and teaching English online. For 2 years I have also held a regular Women’s Circle in Stockholm which gathers women from all over the world.

My mission is to work with people and empower their inner strength! This is what drives me and keeps me going on!

Together we can discover the silence and the power that lie within you, lost on a treadmill of daily routine.

Joanna Michalska

From you as the facilitator, I received a sense of safety, I felt that you are confident of what you're doing and you convey all the information in a clear and organized manner. You are very mindful and there’s a lot of kindness and warmth in what you do. What was also important to me was the individual approach and guidance for each person in the group. I found it very helpful that you shared your own story with us - it gave me the spark of motivation to invest time and resources in meditation because, in your example, I could see it brings tangible results.