The greatest asset of any organization is the people who work there, even in the age of AI.

Every company prospers better when its employees know how to manage stress and pressure, how to rest and take care of themselves effectively, and when they keep the right work-life balance.

According to a post-pandemic study by Gallup and Workhuman, less than 25% of employees say their employers care about the wellbeing of their people, that is, they provide them with the tools to help them cope with stressful working conditions.

How about you?

If you are a boss, manager, or employer, do you account for how your employees feel?

Are you aware of what they are struggling with and what challenges they face besides getting good results for your company?

If you are an employee, have you ever asked about a wellbeing program? 

Do you know that your company can take care of how you feel in your workplace?


If you want to take care of yourself and your people like the leaders of the largest companies in the world do, introduce mindfulness practice in your company. Organisations such as Apple, Nike, McKinsey & Co, Yahoo and Warner Bros already reap the benefits of that training. Isn’t it time for you?

What does an employee gain from regular mindfulness practice?

What does the company gain from regular mindfulness practice??

MindHarmony offers programs tailored to the needs of every company:

Let’s arrange a meeting to talk about a mindfulness traning for your company:

Wioletta Skałka

For over 5 years, I have been regularly attending mindfulness classes led by Maria Opidowicz. When I started with this technique, I had a lot of trouble naming my emotions, controlling the rush of thoughts and their overinterpretation. I couldn't get rid of the growing anxiety about my family, work, relationships... Regular practice allowed me, at first for a short while, and then for longer and longer periods of time, to find a place in "here and now" and achieve balance in life. Thanks to the regular practices with Marysia, I discovered that I can control my thoughts, my breath and my body. I learned a lot about how to reduce stress, how to cope with a feeling of powerlessness, I learned how to trust myself. My relationships with others have improved as well. Marysia is constantly deepening her knowledge, and as a result, she shows us new ways to take care of our mental and physical well-being in everyday life, she gives us tools to cope with the overstimulation of the modern life. My inner world has become more readable and friendly thanks to mindfulness practices with Maria Opidowicz.