Reduce stress and start enjoying your life practising mindfulness.

Don’t let life pass you by!

Maria Opidowicz

I help people reduce stress and tap into their inner strength so that they live a more meaningful life aligned with their potential and their values.

I am a certified mindfulness trainer and I use techniques that are backed by science.

How can we work together?

MBSR Programme

Sign up to the 8-week Stress Reduction Programme based on mindfulness approach.

Individual Sessions

Book mindfulness sessions that are adjusted just to you and your needs.

For Business

Order workshops or regular mindfulness sessions for your workers to boost their wellbeing.

Iryna Stakhur

This mindfulness programme teaches the most important skills in life, which makes you feel that it’s you who have control over your life, and you start to derive much more pleasure from your own life. Maria is a very professional trainer and a great person. I am truly grateful to her for delivering this programme to us in this way.


My name is Maria Opidowicz, I teach how not to miss out on your life due to stress and everyday haste.

I chose this path because among many skills that I got equipped with by the education system, one important was missing – the skill to be in charge of my own attention.

Thanks to mindfulness I learned this skill, additionally, gaining the ability to cope with the overwhelming amount of thoughts in my head and intense emotions which often made my life difficult.

 In 2019 I  got certified as a mindfulness trainer and a meditation teacher at Mindful Academy in Solterreno, Spain and  I set up MindHarmony. I started to teach meditation and  mindfulness – I run mindfulness programmes, meditation sessions for groups as well as one on one sessions. I also work with companies providing workshops on stress reduction and regular mindfulness practice.


Mindfulness is a transformative practice that invites you to fully engage with the present moment, fostering a deep connection between your mind and the current experience.

At its core, mindfulness involves paying attention to your thoughts and feelings without judgment, allowing them to come and go like passing clouds. 

The word mindfulness comes from a Pali word sati and means “to remember” or “be aware” of the present moment.
Probably, you  often follow the  trans of your own thoughts so much that you don’t remember what you did a while ago.

Mindfulness helps you to invite your mind to where your senses and your body are as your body is always in the here and now. It doesn’t go on trips to the past and future like the mind does. 

Being mindful means being right in the place and the moment where your life happens.

The brain scans and blood tests of people who meditate regularly show:

Mindfulness practice can change the relationship you have with  the world around you.

It is inevitable that the stressful and painful situations are in your life, yet what you can change is the way you react to them. You can respond on autopilot, in a reactive way – perhaps full of fear or anger, or in the same situation, you can respond mindfully inviting calm, curiosity and awareness.

What are you choosing?